Lacquered aluminium lids



Lacquered aluminium lid is one of the products in which we can show our full expertise and we have been manufacturing since the foundation of the company, ensuring the know-how and long-term commitment to this product.


But why are we so devoted to it?


Aluminium was discovered in 1825 and since then, this lightweight, durable and highly recyclable metal has become an essential element of daily life. Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material, and it takes up to 95% less energy to recycle it than to produce primary aluminium, which also limits emissions, including greenhouse gases. Due to the infinite recyclability of aluminium, 75% of all aluminium produced is still in circulation.


Aluminium, with its well-known properties, makes the perfect barrier to oxygen, moisture or other influences, while our wide range of lacquers offers the best protection for highly acidic products such as dairy–yoghurt, processed cheese and other products. Aluminium and lacquer work together to prevent food waste while remaining recyclable – as aluminium always is!



Our aluminium lids are smartly designed and continuously developed in collaboration between our R&D experts and our customers, following their needs, as well as the needs and lifestyles of end consumers.


We can offer a wide range of dimensions, shapes or other special features; embossing, separation dots, printing, opening or sealing possibilities following the needs of our customers as well as the lifestyle of end-consumers.


Although our portfolio includes lids made of plastic, our strength and experience are based on the processing of aluminium, which is the best long-term packaging solution for all stakeholders in the world of flexible packaging!




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