Drive circularity

Sustainable product strategies

In cooperation with our customers, we research, develop, test and employ new packaging solutions that simultaneously guarantee uncompromised quality and shelf life of products as well as sustainable solutions that contribute to climate change mitigation and the circular economy.

▪ Mono-materials: development of materials with a lower environmental footprint
▪ Resource management: decrease in material thickness, less use of varnishes and inks
▪ Single-portion packaging
▪ Optimal shelf life
▪ Flexible lead times: optimisation of printing orders and deliveries
▪ Smaller order quantities (digital printing)

Our comprehensive approach to managing all market-related issues is measured against the most reliable sustainability indicators, but also the managing of key stakeholder relations and their inclusion in the estimation of all issues surrounding product development.

Life-cycle assessment study

▪ Studies conducted for our most used products: foil for coffee capsules and aluminium lids

▪ Both these products include contributions from various plants in the Aluflexpack group

▪ The identification of the most relevant impact categories is based on the results of the analysed product, while at least three relevant impact categories are considered

▪ The main potential area of improvement concerns the supply of aluminium foils: the selection of aluminium suppliers offering higher recycled content to reduce the impact related to its production. Following these findings, Aluflexpack is developing a new strategy and tools
that will enable us to improve LCA management for our products.

Sustainable waste management

Responsible use of resources coupled to production with circularity in mind is one of the cornerstones of global and national environmental strategies.

Not only are we, as producers of packaging for consumer goods, obligated to source more sustainable materials, but we also have to organise production in such a way as to achieve as little as possible residue that cannot be recovered, recycled or reused.

As aluminium is fully recyclable without the loss of properties, we take very seriously the monitoring and adjustment of processes to ensure every scrap gets recycled.