Climate care

The impact that people and their activities have on the environment is unavoidable; what must be avoided, however, is a carefree approach to these impacts. It is our obligation, as an industrial producer, to carefully identify, assess, and manage our environmental impacts. We take this obligation extremely seriously: we see it not only within our operations but in the effect our production and products have on our entire value chain as well as the value chains of our customers.

Decarbonisation and energy management

The creation of the low-carbon and, eventually, carbon-neutral economy depends on the energy efficiency used in all business activities.

New sources of secure, clean and affordable energy are crucial for the future of mankind, the prosperity of people and communities, and the sustainability of production industries.

In our own production, we rely heavily on energy from renewable sources and optimise our operations to decrease energy consumption levels and avoid loss of energy that can be used for different purposes.

Industrial emissions management

Climate change mitigation is the most important environmental topic today; the future of generations to come depends on the joint efforts we make now to decrease and avoid GHG emissions from our business activities.

We recognise the role industries have in maintaining global and European climate goals and commit to contributing to the realisation of UN Sustainable Development Goals, those of the Paris Agreement, and the EU’s Green Deal.

Sustainable water management

Although Aluflexpack is not a significant user of water resources, we see it as our responsibility to use them responsibly and carefully.

This refers to minimising water use and managing all water disposal. Two of our production plants are situated in areas with high water stress and one is in a medium water-stressed area.

While the use of water at these plants is very limited, water is an integral part of the habitat around them, and this is why we take great care of the environment and are committed to preserving nature for future generations!