Climate care

Embracing our role as a Sustainability Success Maker for our customers, Aluflexpack is making significant progress in climate care through comprehensive operational improvements and the development of sustainable raw materials. Our direct operations have undergone focused efforts to enhance energy efficiency and cut emissions—a commitment set to deepen as we advance along our climate roadmap in the coming years.

Establishing our ambitious climate commitments

In 2024, we will actively execute the SBTi target-setting process, aiming to have our emissions targets defined and submitted by early 2025. This effort is crucial for enhancing transparency and demonstrating our progress in climate action. We are finalizing a comprehensive roadmap that includes specific short - and mid - term measures to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Our ambitions are focused on the goals of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, aiming to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Through our commitment to achieving net zero emissions, we demonstrate our leadership in addressing the global climate crisis.

Scope 1+2+3 emissions management towards net-zero

Aluflexpack is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact amid expanding production by focusing on energy efficiency, transitioning to renewable energy, and adopting sustainable practices. The company is strategically shifting towards 100% purchased green electricity to decrease its carbon footprint and enhance market resilience. Already, renewables account for a third of its energy mix, with 90% of its electricity consumption being green in 2023.

Aluflexpack aims to increase this share and reduce its scope 1+2 emissions by 42% by 2030, investing in renewable energy infrastructure. Additionally, a significant portion of its carbon footprint comes from aluminium foil procurement. To mitigate this, Aluflexpack offers low-carbon and recycled-content aluminium solutions, halving emissions without altering production processes. These efforts include detailed data collection for Scope 3 emissions and collaboration with partners.

Sustainable water management

Water consumption at Aluflexpack sites mostly consists of drinking and sanitary water sourced from local supply networks, which has minimal environmental impacts. Only at two of our locations, water plays a vital role in production processes.

To make sure effluents are adequately treated and disposed of, our production sites use context-specific approaches depending on the location and local regulations. Our primary approach is to connect our facilities to the local sewage if possible or, if necessary, set up independent disposal systems such as septic tanks and water purifiers.

Responsible water management practices
▪ HSE management system with water management mandatory requirements and recommended best practices
▪ Operational plans in place for prevention of wastewater potential contamination
▪ Water conservation initiatives and celebration of Water World Day