Act responsibly

Strengthening partnerships with our employees and the communities we operate in and integrating their diverse perspectives is essential for the sustainable growth of Aluflexpack as a company.


Our vision of becoming a packaging leader in the global market is predicated on our ability to attract motivated professionals who possess advanced skills and competencies and share our commitment to integrating sustainability in all aspects of business.

To make sure we can meet these goals in an increasingly competitive labour market, our Human Resources team manages these procedures at the group level by putting in place work instructions and processes that identify needs across all our departments and business functions.

As many as 83% of Aluflexpack employees work in plants audited according to SMETA/Sedex.

Community investments

"Future in your neighbourhood"

We want to encourage and contribute to positive changes in society through the project of training, guidance and employment of young people entitled Future in Your Neighbourhood.

The aim of this project is for high school and university students to recognise Aluflexpack as an esteemed and desired employer and guide them towards in-demand professions, to employ young people of all professions, to facilitate professional development and career development in new generations and strengthen society and local communities.


As a successful socially responsible company, we encourage excellence and creativity in everything we do. For many years, we have been supporting projects in the communities surrounding our sites, especially those related to our employees, children and youth, culture and art and environmental protection.

GOOD Fest is an excellent opportunity that completes our vision of how to contribute to the community in which we operate in the best possible way: a theatre and music festival organised by Theatre Moruzgva and the Tourist Board of the Town of Drniš, where we act as a partner supporting the art programme.