R&D and Tailor-made packaging

We believe in growth through sustainability-driven innovation, working continuously on upgrading our products and modernising our production, while engaging experts in manufacturing top-quality flexible packaging. Tailor-made customer solutions, both technical and logistical, are the focus of our daily work.

Tailor-made features


We provide retortable packaging made of several high-quality layers that withstand the demands of the retort process (heat, pressure, etc.)


Packaging specification can be customized depending on product and customer wishes, from aluminium foil and basic monomaterial structures (paper, plastics), through laminated structures, to high performance barrier laminates with or without aluminium, to ensure the best possible product protection.

Thickness range

We convert aluminium ranging from 6,3 µm to 300 µm, paper from 20 to 200 g and plastics from 5 to 200 µm.


We offer a wide range of shapes, suitable for easier usage and handling or customised to fulfil special product features and customer requirements. Simultaneously, the nature of the brand and product are highlighted in the most memorable way.

Dimension range

Specific product types require special or standard packaging size, while others can be customized to the customer’s needs or wishes – we meet all market demands!


High quality degree enabled by specialized and sophisticated machines, able to convert the most demanding designs and graphical solutions into elegant and attractive printing with breath taking preciseness, eye-catching to your potential customers.


State-of-the-art machines in our plants are capable of printing up to 12 colours in Rotogravure print and up to 9 colours in Flexo print technology. We also offer Digital print technology.


We can offer products with a wide range of colourless and coloured lacquers – e.g. protective, HSL, matte, separation, opaque, haptic, etc..


Our products are sealable (hot seal and cold seal) to different substrates by using suitable materials.

Separation lacquers

We offer separation lacquers (separation points, text, pictures) as another option for simpler machine run ability and better brand appearance through a clean design.


In order to ensure perfect machines runability and better attractiveness of the brand appearance, we can offer different embossing possibilities –partially embossed or fully embossed foils and lids.

Deep drawing

We provide containers and trays in a wide range of shapes and volumes from different thickness of aluminium.


Our products are designed in a way to enable customers quick and easy opening of the products (e.g. tear notches and laser scores for pouches, and easy peel lids) using special technology and materials that are suitable for easier tear.

Spout & Cap types

Spouts are available in many different types and sizes for the most diverse customer demands - to enable the consumer to dose the product out of the pouch, reclose it after usage and save the product for a later moment.
Spouted pouches on rails possible – various options of tailor made packing range solutions based on customer needs.

Zipper types

Based on package size, material structure and product weight we provide a wide range of zipper profiles to fulfill all customer requirements for the reclosability and protection of  the product.


These features enable not only optimum positioning and presentation on retail shelving, but also facilitate its reliable storage. These pouches therefore represent an extremely practical and, simultaneously, cost-effective packaging solution suitable for use with broad spectrum of products.

Bottom types

Relative to the needs and products packed in pouches, we offer possibilities of producing different types of bottoms more suitable for volume and quantity of products packed, or for better stability and presentation on the shelves when displaying products at the point of sale.


We are fully customer oriented – we develop tailor-made products together with our customers to fullfil all their needs and desires.

Our products protect and preserve the things that matter

End markets are changing and developing fast - Tailor-made Stand-Up Pouch targets consumer specific needs and brand differentiation. There are almost no restrictions in the possible shapes and features to exceed the needs and requirements of the end-consumer.

Special design through embossing

Using our numerous custom made solutions, we ensure that the product stands out on the supermarket shelves.
One of the ways to achieve this is the partial embossing in special design or the Brand logo, giving a premium, more sustainable appearance of the product.

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