Aluflexpack team on Promina Trail 2023

For the second year in a row our employees from production plant Drniš (Croatia) participated in the 9th edition of the Promina Trail run. Race took place on March 18th, 2023, through the scenic landscape of the Promina mountain range near the town of Drniš.


Promina Trail gathered a large number of participants, recreationalists and professional mountaineers, as well as Aluflexpack employees who took advantage of the beautiful spring day to socialize and enjoy the nature of the Drniš region, warm hospitality and good atmosphere.


We are glad that we again had a chance to be a part of this excellent initiative in the local community by supporting dedicated volunteers from “Promina Mountaineering Association” and by giving our employees a chance to meet, have fun and develop connections together, outside the everyday work environment.



Beautiful scenery and tradition


The Promina Trail is known for its diverse terrain, including rocky paths, forested areas, and open meadows. Along the way, hikers enjoyed stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The trail is considered moderately challenging and in combination with stunning natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere makes a rewarding and enjoyable experience for hikers of all levels.





Promina is a mountain in Dalmatia, a region in Croatia located along the Adriatic Sea, but do you know why such a small mountain is so special?


  • The highest peak of Promina is Čavnovka (1147 m)
  • Three karst rivers flow at the foot of the mountain itself, the largest of which is Krka, which is also a National Park, and Kosovčica and Čikola
  • The flora that dominates Promina is marvelous – covered with a couple of oak species, ethereal herbs such as thyme, immortelle and sage…
  • The mountain is also the proud home of an endemic plant species – Lady’s slipper
  • Due to its geomorphological structure, Promina has been of interest to experts and industrialists since the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire, who recognized the potential for the export of mineral wealth
  • Bauxite, an ore for the production of ALUMINIUM, has been exploited for years in Promina itself and the settlements below Promina
  • Exploitation of precious ores brought electricity and railways to this region, which changed this region economically
  • Traditional mining of ore and bauxite was abandoned in the 1970s
  • In the entire sub-Promina region, people believe that “Promina lies on water”, which is based on the appearance of numerous springs on the mountain and the retention of water in mining pits
  • Geomorphological features and abundance of water shaped several caves, the most famous of which is the 57-meter-long Liluša
  • Promina is also a paradise for bio-speleologists who study the fauna of bats that have taken up residence in abandoned mine shafts



The Aluflexpack plant in Drniš, as one of the most modern plants of the Aluflexpack Group, has been operating since 1959, but as we can see, the historical industrial steps of this region have even earlier beginnings. The miners who worked really hard in these mines, and hauled ore from the mountain with horses, could not have imagined that Drniš would become one of the most modern equipment centers of the Aluflexpack Group, based on aluminum as the basic material for the production of premium flexible packaging and barrier solutions for numerous world-famous customers.



Aluflexpack team spirit





Employees who participated in a trail run by hiking or running were highly motivated, adventurous and competitive and they tried to reach the finish. Still, our colleagues didn’t forget the main goal, and that is to have fun together despite the rough terrain and mud which always make the trail harder. The helping hand of a college results in everyone reaching the finish line safely and with a big smile. As we are dedicated to being a great place to work, we are glad that more and more of our employees take part in physical type of activities in the nature. Besides general health benefits these type of activities tend to develop stronger bonds and a greater sense of teamwork, leading to better collaboration and communication in the workplace.



Thank you for showing great Aluflexpack team spirit – we are looking forward to see even more colleagues next year!