Outstanding results in Croatian Sustainability Index – HRIO

We are thrilled to share that our Croatian subsidiary, Aluflexpack Novi achieved outstanding results in this year’s Croatian Sustainability Index!



HRIO – Hrvatski indeks održivosti / Croatian Sustainability Index is a methodology that enables a comprehensive insight into sustainable business practice application, in line with the latest European Union directives and regulations, and enables companies to compare their achievements to other companies in their respective fields. It evaluates business practices in six categories: sustainable corporate governance, working environment, environmental management, community engagement, human rights and children’s rights.



This is the first year Aluflexpack Novi participated in this rating, and immediately we have achieved amazing results, surpassing industry averages in all categories! We have scored an impressive 99% in Sustainable Corporate Governance, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and responsible practices. Also, we are proud we achieved a perfect 100% in Human Rights!



While the assessment was done for Croatian plants, it is highly relevant across our whole Group value chain, as our Croatian plants have a major Group impact. Our Drniš plant serves as a converting hub, supplying converted material to other Group members that focus on the refinement of the final product and support of the customers in achieving their packaging success.



Celebrating this achievement, we are inspired more than ever to continue our journey toward circular economy and net-zero emissions!



We wish to thank HR PSOR (Hrvatski poslovni savjet za održivi razvoj), organizers of HRIO questionnaire, for recognizing our efforts, and here’s to many more milestones ahead!