Re Lid


Aluflexpack supports innovation for the beverage can market

We are proud to participate in the development of the patented RE–LID solution for Beverage Cans, introducing a range of consumer benefits, combined with improvements in sustainable packaging. This innovative concept is the result of a joint development between several strategic partners, whereby we have contributed with our expertise and support in advanced materials technology. The strategic partners share a clear vision towards sustainability and innovation in the packaging industry.






Johannes Steurer, CEO of Aluflexpack, emphasized the strategic importance of this new development, highlighting the collaboration with the industrial partners which spearheaded the project throughout the development.


“We have started the partnership with Re-Lid Engineering AG (REL) inspired by our strategic goal to ensure packaging success for the customer and their end consumers. In developing the RE-LID solution we have engaged internal knowledge and expertise as well as specialists across the value chain, paving our way to our desired position of becoming a leader in innovative solutions. Collaborating with start-ups like REL allows us to integrate pioneering ideas and technologies, supporting the circular economy by promoting highly recyclable aluminium. This aligns with global sustainability trends and consumer preferences, confirming us as the success maker for our customers.”



The RE – LID Concept



RE-LID Engineering AG (REL) joined forces with Aluflexpack since the beginning of the project. Their operative management shares the enthusiasm relevant to the partnership with Aluflexpack.


Luis Buehler and Maximilian Rupp, both REL executives and early pioneers in the project development comment: “Working with Aluflexpack has been a remarkable journey. Their dedication to innovation and excellence has significantly contributed to bringing the RE–LID solution to the current state of industrial product performance. Aluflexpack’s expertise in aluminium, coating technologies and substantial industrial capabilities have been invaluable in overcoming the challenges we faced and the project’s success. With our current manufacturing capacity, we are ready to meet market demands and drive significant industry advancements”.






The RE–LID solution features a unique, re-closable aluminium design that is highly recyclable. The can open/reclose function and material structure represent the essential, patented solution, distinguishing it from the traditional options. This aligns with Aluflexpack’s mission to deliver environmentally friendly and efficient packaging solutions to the food, and beverage industry, sensitive to the existing and emerging regulatory frameworks. The RE-LID not only re-seals but also retains carbonation, providing a superior option for consumers on the go by keeping beverages fresh and spill-proof.



Eike Schopper, Head of Business Development, Innovation and Sustainability at Aluflexpack, comments: “The RE–LID solution is addressing several market needs. It offers consumers a sustainable choice that does not compromise on quality, potentially setting new industry standards. With its reclosable feature, the RE–LID solution enables our customers to switch to larger packaging units, significantly reducing the need for multiple smaller packages. This transition not only lowers the overall packaging material required but also reduces Scope 3 emissions associated with production and disposal. Additionally, the retained freshness after opening helps reduce food waste, which directly contributes to a lower CO2 footprint, supporting our customers’ Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) commitments for reducing emissions”


The Market Scope – Projections


The Beverage Container Market is substantial. According to the Aluminum Association, around 100 billion aluminium beverage cans are produced annually in the United States alone, with global numbers being significantly higher.






The potential for “Re-Closable” solutions like the RE-LID is promising. These cans offer benefits such as maintaining beverage freshness and reducing food waste, aligning with consumer demand for convenience and sustainability. The RE-LID solution, being aluminium-based, addresses environmental concerns and provides a practical alternative to traditional options.
Aluflexpack and its partners are focused on developing and positioning the RE-LID solution to capture a notable share of the market by meeting the dual needs of sustainability and consumer convenience.