Aluflexpack publishes Sustainability Report 2023!

We are highly proud of the notable achievements and progress under our 4-pillar concept, highlighting our strong commitment to sustainability: Climate Care, Drive Circularity, Act Responsibly, and Transparent Foundation. These pillars are foundational to the Aluflexpack Sustainability Strategy 2025+.


Our CEO, Johannes Steurer: “In 2023, we made significant progress in the execution of our sustainability agenda, be it sustainable product developments, decarbonization of our operations on our way towards net-zero emissions, health & safety or HR. The high recyclability of our products positions us to be a sustainability success maker for our customers and investors. We are fully committed to embracing these opportunities and leading the way in sustainable packaging solutions.”


This overview highlights our most substantial achievements. For further details, please refer to our Sustainability Report 2023.


Climate Care

  • Commitment to Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) Near-Term & Net-Zero Standard in May 2023
  • Scope 1+2 emission intensity reduced by 4.8% y-o-y
  • Scope 1+2 emission intensity assessed based on material throughput: 0.031 tCO2/1000 m²
  • 90.3% renewable electricity
  • 33.2% renewable energy in our total energy mix


Drive Circularity

  • >85% of our portfolio has recyclable solutions
  • Sustainability Success Maker for Our Customers:
    • Low-carbon Aluminium products: up to 50% reduction of GHG emissions
    • High recycled content Aluminium products: up to 90% reduction of GHG emissions
  • 90% LCA coverage of our products
  • Innovation Challenge #2: Collaborative Action: Advanced Together We Grow with key stakeholders for sustainable packaging leadership.


Act Responsibly

  • Aluflexpack’s Wellbeing Strategy: supportive and safer working environment founded on three pillars – Health, Social and Life
  • 24% less waste sent to disposal – Waste Diversion Rate improved
  • New HSE Policy & HSE Booklet: provides a clear framework and guidelines for ambitious group targets
  • LTIR drops to 4.6


Transparent foundation

  • 90% excellence in customer feedback
  • Updated Human Rights Policy: reinforcing our passionate pledge to social responsibility along the value chain



Read more in the Media Release!