Insights from Aluflexpack Sustainability Days

As we strive to enhance our commitment to sustainability, the Aluflexpack Sustainability team embarked on an insightful journey from February 12th to March 12th, across our plants in Croatia, France, Poland, and Türkiye as part of the Sustainability Days Initiative. During these enriching sessions, our team delved into critical sustainability topics and ongoing departmental initiatives, uncovering valuable insights and opportunities for progress.






Key highlights of the initiative include:


Overview of Regulatory Landscape: A comprehensive examination of the regulatory landscape about sustainability, providing a holistic understanding of the current framework and future outlook.


Preparation for EcoVadis Group Assessment: Proactive measures were taken to prepare for the EcoVadis Group assessment, ensuring alignment with global sustainability standards and benchmarks.


Exploratory Visits to Facilities: Exploratory visits were conducted to our facilities, fostering knowledge exchange and extending our technical expertise to optimize sustainability practices.


Validation of Energy & Emissions Data: Validation of energy and emissions data was undertaken to ensure accuracy and reliability for our sustainability reporting.


Collaborative Sessions for Enhancement: Collaborative sessions were facilitated to identify opportunities for enhancement and emission reductions within Scope 1+2, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.


Preparation for Scope 3 Data Collection: Preparations were made for the collection of Scope 3 data in 2024, laying the groundwork for comprehensive sustainability reporting and analysis.








Eike Schopper, Group Head of Business Development, Innovation & Sustainability, expressed enthusiasm for the progress made, stating, “I’m thrilled by our success in launching our journey towards achieving net zero emissions. We’ve not only mapped out the energy landscape of all our facilities but also outlined actionable steps to dramatically cut down our emissions.”


Mande Miošić Pavičić, our Sustainability and Innovation Specialist, echoed this sentiment, expressing delight and pride in the Sustainability Days Initiative. “We’ve identified significant potential to reduce our product carbon footprint, showcasing our commitment to a more sustainable future. Collaborative efforts have been key,” she emphasized.


Florian Sattlberger, Sustainability Manager, shared their pride in the strides towards renewable energy adoption. “We’re proud that one-third of Aluflexpack’s total energy consumption comes from renewables through the purchasing of green electricity. We will increase this share to meet our SBTi near-term & net-zero goals in the future,” he affirmed.


Together, these insights and commitments underscore our dedication to forging a more sustainable future. Through collaborative action and innovation, we are taking significant steps towards realizing our sustainability objectives and contributing to a healthier planet for generations to come.