We are launching our new Innovation Challenge #3 – Start-ups edition!


The Aluflexpack Innovation Challenge aims to identify future collaboration partners. It is thus the intention that the collaboration will go beyond the scope of the Innovation Challenge. The specific setup for that collaboration will be determined together with the partner in question.





Key challenges


The main theme of this year’s Innovation Challenge is Sustainability. According to that the main theme of this year’s challenge is Decarbonization – with a focus on reducing product carbon footprint and corporate carbon footprint. The second theme is Circular packaging with a focus on recyclability, recycled content and smart packaging. The third theme is Industry 5.0 where we are interested in the fields of AI, Automation, Digitalization and Packaging-as-a-Service.





We are looking for projects within start-ups, scientists, and research institutes with projects covering one of our key challenges.


We invite both start-ups as well as scientists and research institutes with ongoing research projects to participate in this exciting challenge. We welcome innovative ideas and fresh perspectives from dynamic entrepreneurs and dedicated researchers alike, encouraging them to bring their creativity and expertise to the table.


Join us in an international challenge covering our global footprint as we embark on this journey of innovation and collaboration, shaping the future of flexible packaging together.


If you are willing to engage in open innovation and are willing to travel to Vienna, Austria feel free to contact us. Expenses for 2 people are covered by us.








Project Submission (24th June): The Challenge opens for submissions. Interested participants submit their projects on the online platform accessible by email.


  • Screening (1st – 3rd  July)
  • Virtual Pitch – TOP 10 (11th July): You will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas
  • Bootcamp (10th – 12th Sep): The Top 5 teams go to Vienna for a Bootcamp together with Aluflexpack representatives.
  • Final pitch (3rd Oct): Top 5 pitch their solutions to Aluflexpack management.


After the final pitch, Aluflexpack will decide, together with the partner, how the collaboration should continue. Here, there are multiple options: it can be a continued working relationship with some level of support from Aluflexpack, or it can be in the form of a more formalised partnership or investment.







Aluflexpack, with its extensive network of customers, business partners, years of experience, and excellent financial performance, offers:

  • Access to a network of 1600+ experts and professionals
  • Access to 700+ customers in the FMCG, Food & Pharma industry
  • Full access to our testing facilities
  • Aluflexpack as a pilot customer
  • Funding opportunity

Intellectual property rights and equity are guaranteed!



The Aluflexpack Innovation Challenge is an initiative launched by Aluflexpack in 2022. This year we introduce our third challenge, concentrating on leveraging advanced technologies and sustainable methods to transform the flexible packaging industry.




Eike Schopper, our Head of Business Development, Innovation, and Sustainability, highlights the importance of this initiative:


We are expanding our growth engine by strategically collaborating with start-ups and ambitious researchers. Aluflexpack is the ideal partner for these visionaries due to our extensive network and robust venture-building capabilities. Our goal is not just to innovate, but to set the pace in the industry and drive meaningful change.


The first Innovation Challenge was an internal challenge that involved all our 1500 employees and generated almost 100 ideas. The second Innovation Challenge focused on collaboration and innovation, where we opened up to suppliers to co-create innovative and sustainable solutions. Our last year’s Open Innovation Challenge provided an excellent opportunity for flexible packaging stakeholders to align efforts towards a common purpose: advancing mutual collaboration and innovation in flexible packaging.

The culmination was a Bootcamp where representatives from Aluflexpack and the suppliers worked together to further mature the solutions.


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