Excellent feedback from Innovation Challenge #2 Bootcamp in Vienna!

Excellent feedback from Innovation Challenge #2 Bootcamp in Vienna!



We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our Innovation Challenge #2 with 3-day Bootcamp that took place in Vienna, where creativity converged with strategy, transforming ideas into potential game-changers! We extend our gratitude to six partner companies who participated as external attendees, bringing diverse perspectives that enriched the entire experience.


“This year, we received more than 50 ideas from our suppliers and partners. The quantity and quality of ideas exceeded our expectations,” stated Eike Schopper, Head of Business Development, Innovation & Sustainability, Aluflexpack. He concluded that the teamwork was amazing, resulting in some outstanding outcomes.



Integration with Partners: Forming Powerful Teams

Proactively collaborating with our partners associated with the winning ideas, we are establishing integrated and ambitious teams for a balanced approach. With each partner contributing three representatives, Aluflexpack is matching this commitment. The selected three teams embarked on a transformative 3-day Bootcamp in Vienna, armed with innovation tools and methodologies. Together with Nosco, innovation champions, and internal coaches, the teams delved deep and systematically into market analysis, customer insights, business strategies, and technology evaluations.





Here’s what our participants had to say about the Bootcamp:

“Innovation is a crucial part of our business strategy, and we see it as something that will change the way Aluflexpack is perceived in the market. I can say that we have learned a lot, and we are looking forward to seeing the outcome and what new products we can develop and deliver to our customers,” said Antonio Stojanov, Board member for Product Management & Marketing, Aluflexpack.



“It is a pleasure to see how the process of innovation is becoming a part of standard work in Aluflexpack Group,” remarked Ivan Šobot, CEO of Omial, Aluflexpack, one of the participants in the Innovation Challenge.


For many attendees, this was their first experience in a challenge of this nature, and the impressions are overwhelmingly positive!



“This was my first experience of its kind. In one sentence: Those were three very beautiful days! It was a bit challenging, but I feel very grateful because I had a chance to participate in this event. I met many strong professionals from the industry, worked together with some of them on the same idea deployment, shared experiences and thoughts, learned a lot about the methodology of introducing a new product to the market and about different tools for it,” shared Slobodan Rajčević, Head of Business Process Management, Aluflexpack. He emphasized that this was a form of team-building, as he spent quality time with Aluflexpack colleagues whom he doesn’t have the chance to see in person often.


“Innovation Challenge #2 upgraded me in both professional and private ways! Thank you Aluflexpack, and looking forward to Innovation Challenge #3!” concluded Slobodan.

“It was very interesting to have different opinions even in between groups and talking about it, we find solutions,” added Tomasz Matysiak, Sales Director, Top-System, Aluflexpack.



Beyond: Changing Perceptions, Embracing Innovation

With this challenge, we aspire to transform the packaging industry while preserving nature for future generations. By including other participants in our joint innovations, we achieve even greater growth and prosperity.


Other participant representatives of partner companies share this sentiment.


“This workshop is a great benefit for us because we had time to deep dive into commercial, but also technical aspects for products. We can have a view from every angle of the room for defining and development,” shared Bernd Elsler, Global market manager, Aluminium Film, Actega.



Filip Lukić, Specialist Technical support & Sales, Henkel, expressed that it is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to be involved in the project from the very beginning until it is finalized. According to him, only this kind of collaboration can bring true innovation to the market.


A quote from another external attendee resonates with our ambitions: “I was always convinced that big corporations cannot be innovative; now Aluflexpack has proven me wrong!”




The lessons learned and takeaways from this year’s challenge include organizational improvements, enhanced teamwork tools, diverse team structures, and fruitful collaborations with other companies.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas. Your innovation power has set a benchmark, and we are committed to our path to becoming one of the most integrated flexible packaging manufacturers building on this success with future initiatives. Stay tuned for more updates, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s challenge!



Stay tuned for more updates, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s challenge!


Thank You to All the Innovators! Together we create, together we grow!