Aluflexpack Group and GOOD fest join forces once more to bring theatre, music and other activities to Drniš stage!

We use every opportunity to promote our values – responsible corporate behaviour, healthy relationship with local communities, excellence and creativity. We give opportunities to creative people, we work with them and assist them when it`s needed. Art is the special kind of creativity and we support artists and creative projects. That`s why we support GOOD fest, which is an incredible mix of theatre, music and food, but more than that it is an incredibly significant cultural event in Drniš, it gives back to community and gathers creative people. We are proud to be a part of the festival and to participate three years in a row which shows our commitment to the GOOD fest and the people of Drniš. The festival is organized by Theatre Moruzgva, held by the actress Ecija Ojdanić and Tourist board headed by Ivana Menđušić.


In 2021 we presented our project „Live in Colours!“ through which we exhibit the artwork of the artists from the community within our factories, and in 2022 we displayed the artwork of children of our employees, who had a task to draw what their parents did in Aluflexpack. The children gave a refreshing view of our products and daily tasks!


This year we have made an exhibition about the history of mining and aluminium processing in Drniš. We are connected with the region and the people of this region through our modern plant which processes aluminium, but the connection of this region with ore mining goes back deep into the past. The Drniš region is well known by its natural beauties, traditional delicacies such as the world famous Drniš prosciutto, cheeses, wines and its rich history, but it is a less known fact that one of the first bauxite mines in the world was on Promina mountain. Mining had a huge influence on the industrialization process of the region: in 1923 the town got electricity and in 1925 railway line towards Zagreb was completed, and telecommunication system was built. While mining shaped the region of Drniš in history, the complex processing of aluminium and one of the largest investments in aluminium packaging in our factory in Drniš shapes it today!


Thanks to aluminium’s 100% recyclability, today we may be processing aluminium that was mined in this region hundred years ago!


We want to thank the organizers of Good Fest for their hospitality, and we’re looking forward to participating next year!


Photo ©Mario Sučić